It’s another rainy morning here in Kentucky.

As I walked into school, my wet shoes were making a squeaky sound as I moved across the tile floor.

Sometimes when our feet our slipping, everyone around us knows.

They can hear the slipping sound.

They can see the look of concentration in our eyes as we try to walk without falling.

I know some of you have squeaky shoes right now.

Your feet are slipping.

You feel unsteady.

I know because we’re friends and family.
I know because I love you, and I can hear the words you say to me.

I can see the look in your eyes.

Some of you I have never had the pleasure of meeting…..yet. 🙂

But your feet may be slipping too. You may feel a little squeaky.

I just want to encourage all of you with these words.

God is with you on the wet sidewalks of life.

He’s with you on the wet roads.

His unfailing love will keep you from falling.

Just lean back in His arms and let Him hold you up.

Rest in His love today.

There is no greater love than this: God gave up His Son for you………….

Stand firm today….even if your shoes are squeaking.

When I said, “My foot is slipping,”

your unfailing love, LORD, supported me.

When anxiety was great within me,

your consolation brought me joy.

Psalm 94:18-19