Olivia's IPhone 183


Fifteen Today

The years – they seem to fly right by.

We laugh, we hug, we fight, we cry.

Life isn’t easy…..especially for a girl

in her early teen years in a messed-up world.

Self-esteem, self-worth, self-image and more

words about self than you could find in a store.

How does a girl survive today?

How does she know what to think or to say?

I look at her young little face in the mirror

and wonder what thoughts were behind that sweet smile.

I’m sure at the time she was totally happy

to sit and stare for a long, long while.

Reflections are fun when we are so young.

The world’s cruel lies haven’t begun.

But as we grow older and begin to see

Parts of us that we don’t like to be……

It’s harder to stare.

It’s tempting to run.

It’s easy to forget

That God’s only begun.

So, my prayer today,

for my sweet teenage girl

is a year of discovering

again how to twirl.

I’m praying for more laughs,

more joy, more peace.

I’m praying she learns on God’s

Word to feast.

I want to see Olivia confidently stand

as a teen who loves Jesus

more than any new band.

I want to see her help

her peers who need love…

and become a friend to the friendless

so they know Whose above.

I want her to look in her mirror and see

A reflection of Him who loves her deeply.

I want her to know that each day is a gift

And through all the world’s messages, she must carefully sift….

Constantly sorting the good from the bad.

Leading to happy moments not sad.

I’m thankful today for each moment with her.

She’s deep with her thoughts and makes my heart stir.

As I dive into Monday, I had to take time

To reflect on my girl with a short little rhyme.

I’m praying today that each of you will see

a person in your mirror who God loves deeply.

Stare for a minute and know with a smile


Don’t fight the love

Don’t try to run.

His work with you

Has only begun.

….he who began a good work in you

will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.

Phil. 1:6