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You arrive early.

Often in the dark.

Papers need graded.

Copies need made.

Boards need filled.

And then…………………..

You stay late.

Meetings demand your presence.

Lesson plans require your time.

In between these dark hours of morning and these late hours of afternoon,

students arrive and fill your room.

You never really know how they’ll show up on any given day.







Your room holds every kind of child at the same time,

and your best “I Can” statements seem to fall short when you look into their eyes.

“I can” quickly changes to “I’ll try”,

because even on the best day there’s only one of you and so many more of them.

Breaks are few and far between,

and the weariness of it all can get the best of you.

But here’s what I want you to know today and every single day………………..


You’re molding our next generation.

You’re surrounded – every single day – by souls longing for more than another strategy.

You’re shaping our children’s self-esteems simply by saying things like,

“I’m proud of you!”


 “I love your new dress!”

Your smile warms more than a room or building.

It warms our children’s hearts and teaches them that no matter how hard life is,

there’s always enough energy left for kindness and love.


And, oh, how this world needs love.


I know you’re often exhausted, and it’s only September.

I know you long for more hours in every single day.

I’m sure there are times when you wonder who really notices all you do…………

so today, I just have to say this,

Parents see you and are so thankful,

but even more than that………………….

God sees you,

and I know He’s smiling.

He sees the burdens you carry.

He sees your tears when you realize a student needs more than you can give.

He sees your smile when a student grasps something new.

He sees the love you bring to work when you’re really only required to bring your knowledge.


Thank you for choosing this career.

Thank you for pushing through the tough days.

You are so loved,

and what you do every is noticed and appreciated on earth…………….

and in Heaven.

‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’

Matt. 25:40

Data may drive your instruction, but it will never measure your worth.

You are so loved!