Jesus didn’t like what He saw when He entered the Temple in John chapter 2.

He was so upset that he made a whip from ropes and drove out every vendor and every animal.

He turned over tables and made people leave.

I’m sure the disciples were standing speechless as they watched the series of events unfold.

The calm Jesus they knew and loved had suddenly become anything but calm.

In John 2:17 it says,
“Then his disciples remembered this prophecy about Jesus from the Scriptures, “Passion for God’s house will consume me.”

As I sit here this morning trying to sort out all my thoughts about work, all the details of my trip to an academic team training that starts tonight in Louisville, all the last-minute plans that go along with the 5K that is happening a week from Saturday, I have struggled with the words I read in John 2.

Jesus did not approve of the Temple of God being used as a Market Place.

What was supposed to be sacred had become a place to make a profit.

A place for worshipping God had been replaced with a place for buying things to try to please Him.

So many times in my life, I have allowed my personal temple to be transformed into something I don’t like.

I just wonder what Jesus would remove from me today if He could come and “clean out” all the things that don’t belong.

I feel like the little kid who keeps touching something hot even after I know it’s going to burn me.

With a deep breath, I’m asking God to continue to point out all the areas of my life that need purged.

Like a closet in deep need of a makeover, I am asking God to clean me, empty me, reorganize me.

I’m praying that once again I can reach a place where I say, “No,” and I don’t feel like I’m going to disappoint people.

I will always say that one of the most guilt-free times in my life was when Nick was sick.

I didn’t feel guilty about staying home.

I didn’t feel guilty when I said, “No.”

I didn’t feel guilty focusing on my family.

I knew that taking care of them was the most important part of my life, and I was happy to be doing just that.

I don’t want to whine this morning.  I am thankful for so many things about my life.

But I do know that some things are upside down, some things are too chaotic.

And I believe Jesus just might do some passionate purging if I allowed Him to enter my Temple and have His way.

Today, I’m praying that all of us will look deep within our own lives and ask one question,

“If Jesus showed up today, what would He remove from my life so that I could worship God more freely?”

I want to be a Temple for God that invites worship not chaos.

I want to be a Temple for God that is focused on loving Him not trying to please Him.

I want to be a place He enters and feels at home not in the way.

“Help me, Lord, to clear out all the clutter and make room for You.”

This may take a little time, but I can tell it’s coming.

And I’m getting excited!