“When he has tested me, I shall come forth as gold….” (From Job)

As I read this verse last night, I thought about gold as we see it in our culture even today.
Valuable. Beautiful. Standing the test of time. Eye-catching. Genuine. A great gift. Worthy of being used for a wedding ring. If lost, you search til you find it.

I also thought about things that are gold-plated.
Temporary beauty. Easy to chip away at when put under stress. Less expensive.

Then there are metals that look like gold but have no gold in them at all.
Rings and earrings that turn your skin green. Sold very inexpensively. If you lose them, you just replace them.

How do I really want my soul to be seen by God? As gold, gold-plated, or imitation. Gold, of course! Unfortunately, I think the Bible makes it very clear that in order to come forth as gold we must pass the tests life gives us. We must endure the fire of trials.

Without these tests and trials, there is really no way to see what we are made of.

So, this morning as I prepare to leave the Ronald McDonald House (save your pop tabs by the way and donate them to your local McDonalds restaurant) and head to the hospital to see my precious Nicholas, I want to remember that this is one of our family’s tests.

I want us to come forth as gold in the eyes of God.

He continues to bring a level of peace that allows me to stand on my two feet and still smile at strangers. He even gives me the strength to comfort others around me who seem to be having a harder day. God’s mercies are never-ending.

For that I am thankful.

Please take time today to do your seven laps of praise and celebration for our God and Savior!!!!!!! He is the Lord of Lords and King of Kings….and ONE DAY this world shall end and a new world will begin where we will receive our reward for how we passed the tests of this life.

GO FOR THE GOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you all so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!