I didn’t expect to see a headline this morning about a brutal typhoon hitting the Philippines while I slept.


As I clicked through the photographs and read the stories,

I was reminded once again of how hard life can be and how mankind is truly the same all over this planet.


No matter where you live-

No matter what you’re going through today-

When a typhoon hits your world, you find yourself holding on to that which is most dear just as this lady clings to her small child.





In a story in the Associate Press by OLIVER TEVES and TERESA CEROJANO, the governor of the Philippines was quoted as saying,

“When you’re faced with such a scenario, you can only pray, and pray and pray.”


Today, there are people all over this world who are hurting, struggling, and trying to make sense of their pain.


Today, there are people clinging to what matters most and praying for answers.


Keep these people in your prayers and take a minute to ask yourself a few questions:


What are you clinging to today?  Is is really what matters most?

Where do you turn when a typhoon hits your world?


I love you all so much.


Praying I get it right today.

And praying you do too.


Lifting up the typhoon victims to Him who loves them most.