If there’s one thing I would do over as a mom (and there’s more like a hundred things),

it would be writing down more of the cute things my kids said over the years.


From time to time, people share memories of things they did or said (some sweet – some embarrassing),

and I think to myself, “I don’t even remember that moment.”


Keeping a journal would have done two things for me as a mom:


It would have made me a better listener


It would have given me something to cherish today.




I can’t go back.


I can’t relive those wonderful years as a mom of young children.


So, what can I do now that my kids are grown?


I can listen.


I can also write down memories that come to me from the past or memories that are shared by others.


I don’t want to live a life “wishing I could have another chance,”

because I’ll miss today.


But I do want to learn from the past so that I can encourage others to do better than I did in the area of listening.


When children speak, it matters.


Every question.

Every comment.


Kids speak with honest hearts.

They speak without wondering what the world will think.


Anyone who lives with children or works with children should listen closely.


We may never be closer to God than when we are in the presence of children.


Today, I get to be with seven year olds all day long.

I’m excited.

Believe me, my ears will be wide open.


Yesterday, I was with high school kids.

I’ve decided that they are just like little kids in many ways only taller.

They need love.

They need encouragement.

They need people to listen.



I’m not sure where you’ll be today,

but I hope that wherever you are and whoever you’re around,

you’ll be listening.


God often whispers in the most unexpected ways.

Don’t miss Him.


Hoping you’ll share something you hear today.