The story of Elijah has so many ups and downs, so many highs and lows.

Just when you think Elijah is on top of the mountain you find him hiding in a cave.

I love that the Bible holds stories about people just like him who listened for God’s voice, obeyed His commands, but still struggled with things like confidence and courage.

One part of Elijah’s story that jumped out at me this morning was the part where God sent him to live by a brook.

God told Elijah to drink from the brook and eat the ravens He would send for food.

Elijah listened even though I’m sure sitting by a brook all alone didn’t feel very purposeful.

Whatever the reason, God knew Elijah needed this quiet time where his sole means of survival was through God’s provision.

One day, though, the drought that had been affecting countries all around Elijah eventually dried up the very brook to which God had called him to trust for water.

I have to wonder if Elijah was a little confused.

Why would God call him to a place that would eventually not be able to provide for his daily needs?

When you read on, you learn that God was ready to move Elijah to the next part of his life story.

Maybe Elijah wouldn’t have been so willing to move had the brook stayed full.

Maybe Elijah would have become comfortable in a place where survival was so easy.

I’m not sure why God led Elijah to a brook and then allowed the brook to dry up, but I do know this:

Many times in our lives we follow God’s lead and we find ourselves in places where the brook runs dry.

We get tired.

We burn out.

We begin to struggle.

We feel empty.

We wonder how many more days we can make it with life the way it is.

Suddenly we are open to God’s next plan for us.

We realize that what we thought was a perfect brook has become a thing of the past.

Yesterday’s blessing.

So, we seek God’s will and walk faithfully into the next chapter of life.

Maybe today you are feeling like your brook has dried up.

Maybe you’re struggling to understand how you’re going to make it until tomorrow.

Whatever it is you are facing, know that God is with you when the brook is full and when the brook is empty.

He’s already planning the next part of your journey.

He’s already writing the next chapter.

Today, trust Him with your brook no matter how refreshing or how sparse.

Thank Him for water when you have it and trust Him for the next source of refreshment when water seems difficult to find.

He is with you no matter what your brook looks like today.

And He has a plan.