I’ve been reading this morning about the importance of “walking by faith, not by sight,”

about “God-sized assignments,”

about “hearing God’s call and responding.”


I’ve sat here wondering what in the world I’m doing in my life right now that requires any more than human strength.


I work, and yes it’s stressful at times, but lots of people have stressful jobs.

I’m a mom, and yes, I fail often; but lots of women are struggling moms who keep trying over and over again.

I’m a wife who messes up daily but keeps  pressing on, but I know lots of other wives just like me.

I lead a Sunday school class.

I go to jail for Bible study when it’s my turn on the rotation list.

I pray with friends who are hurting……..


but what am I doing that is God-sized?


What am I involved with that could not be happening without God’s strength and power?


I am energized by God-sized assignments.


I find my deepest joy when I am in the midst of something only God can do.


Today, I’m praying for a God-sized assignment.

That’s a scary but exciting prayer.


I don’t want to step out ahead of Him,

but I do want to step out.


Maybe He’s calling you to step out too.

Maybe you already know what He’s asking of you and you’ve been holding back thinking “there’s no way this or that could happen.”

Trust Him today if He’s calling you to do something you can only do with His help.


The world needs to see Christians living out God-sized assignments in order for them to see God working in this world.


I’m not sure what my next assignment will be, but I want to be ready.

I want you to be ready too.

Can you imagine a world filled with people living out God-sized assignments?



“Jesus looked at them and said,

‘With man this is impossible,

but not with God;

all things are possible with God.'”

Mark 10:27