I the Lord Your God hold your right

hand; I am the Lord, Who says to

you, “Fear not; I will help you!”

Is. 41:13

Just picturing me, my friends, and my family each individually going throughout life holding hands with God makes me smile.

Knowing that Olivia is not alone while dealing with some normal middle school “drama”  gives me comfort as I drop her off each morning.

Realizing that Erich, as he interviews for nursing positions in Nashville, does not enter the various hospitals alone brings me peace.

Believing that as Evan boards a plane for Burbank, CA, on May 25th, that he will be boarding the plan in the hands of God makes the summer internship not seem near as scary.

Trusting that Todd faces the challenges of being a high school boy with God beside him helps me relax when I know the pressures that he faces daily.

And the list goes on and on to Tim, Maria, Mallory, my parents, Tim’s parents, and on and on and on all the way to YOU………

My blogging family.

You are not alone.

God says, “I hold your right hand.  Fear not.  I will help you.”

I’m heading out the door, but I had to take a minute to send my love and prayers for a Tuesday where God’s presence is felt RIGHT BESIDE YOU ALL DAY LONG!

Holding His Hand,