I do a lot of running these days.

Running to school, running back home, running to golf practice, running to church, running to the store, running around the house picking up dirty laundry, running to the doctor with sick kids…………

Sometimes I envision myself as an ant running back and forth on her ant hill. I wonder what I’m really accomplishing that is going to last longer than the sandy mound on which I’m climbing. We all know that ant hills can accidentally be wiped off the earth by the unknowing swipe of a shoe. So where am I running that endures more than an accident?

When I run to Jesus, I find a moment of peace.

When I run to His Word, I find purpose and passion.

That’s the only running that truly stands the test of time.

For me, my “Walk with Him Wednesday” ran right into Thursday (IMAGINE THAT!).

If I stop running long enough to acknowledge that life without Him………without running to Him…….. is pointless, I suddenly feel better.

Something inside of me calms enough to allow me to close my eyes and simply say, “I love you, Jesus.”

I hope that on this Thursday you will find to walk with Him rather than run everywhere else……………………….

Close your eyes and know you are His,