We’ve had the same neighbors on both sides of us  for almost nineteen years.

Both of these families have shared many highs and many lows with our family throughout these years.

They’ve helped when we’ve been in emergency situations, they’ve sat with us when we signed papers with hospice, they’ve watched our dogs when we’ve been out of town.

We’ve borrowed each others lawn mowers, fertilizer spreaders, pressure washers, and the list goes on and on.

We’ve shared many meals and delivered leftover desserts to each other’s homes time and time again.

If someone needs an egg, there’s no need to run to the store.

If an unfamiliar car is parked in someone’s driveway, a phone call is made to make sure everything is okay.

I am thankful for my neighbors.

But this summer, one of our neighbors is moving.

We have cried on their porch several times already, and I’m sure we will many more times before they move.

We have threatened to do something silly while the house is being shown, so that maybe the buyers will reconsider.

Today, I found myself in our out-building just about the time the realtor was coming to give a tour of their home.

I was in the loft reading my old diary when I heard the car door, and honestly, I almost fell over the lawn mower as I came down the ladder trying to get a peek at who the potential buyers were.

I even peeked through out fence to try to get a better look.

I am going to miss our Mark and Sandra so much.

It’s easy to take for granted parts of your life that are so naturally easy.

Having this family as neighbors has been just that……naturally easy.

We’ve talked while doing yard work, laughed at our kids growing up together, and made it very clear that we are always here for each other.

I know we’ll stay close even though miles will separate us; but it’s going to be a difficult summer – saying “goodbye” to lifelong friends.

I’m so thankful there are no goodbyes in Heaven.

I think, by the time I get there, I am going to be worn out with goodbyes.

Hug your neighbor today or at least take them a plate of cookies and let them know they are loved!