No matter how much space you need,

No matter how far you run to get away from it all,

You’ll find someone waiting to sit with you.

The crazy thing is the one person waiting may be the one person you really wish you could push away,

but try as you might-

They stay.

They refuse to leave.

And honestly, until you sort things out with them you’ll keep running.

So you might as well sit down, get comfortable, and start talking.

Because this person is all ears.

And believe me, they won’t judge you.

They won’t leave when you’re honest.

They won’t question your sanity.

They won’t be shocked or disappointed by anything you say,

because when you’re alone with yourself you can ask hard questions and get straight answers.

You can look in the mirror and the one looking back gets you….completely…

and is on your side no matter what.

So, go ahead and run.

Go ahead and escape everything that annoys, angers, hurts………….

You’ll find yourself waiting no matter where you land.

And when you finally get quiet enough to really sit and soak up alone time with your heart,

you’ll find Someone else is there too.

Someone who knows you inside and out.

He knows your struggles.

He understands your questions.

He feels your pain.

He gets your need for alone time – He was the Master of escaping to gardens of solitude Himself.

So, today, make time to be alone with yourself.

The conversation may seem awkward at first –

but talk or write anyway.

Keep talking.

Keep writing til there’s nothing left to say,

because when you let it all out He hears you too.

He cares about every single word that slips from your lips and your heart.

And somehow He takes your honest outpouring and gathers it up into His hands,

holds it close, and speaks peace into every point of chaos.

He speaks love into every hidden corner of hate.

He speaks forgiveness into every crevice holding a grudge.

He speaks calm into every storm.

When you’re alone with yourself, listen closely.

 He’s right there too.

But when you pray, go into your room,close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen.  Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you.

Matthew 6:6