Well, I’ve slept most of the evening since getting home from school.  Still battling a headache and backache, I’m trying to take it easy, and I am so thankful that tomorrow is Friday!!

The kids were sweet all day long at school, making sure I felt okay and trying not to laugh too much at the thought of Mrs. Nischan “going down” in doggy potty!

I wanted to post the winners of the Chicken Soup for the Soul drawing before heading to bed.

Every time I have a give-away, I feel so sad that everyone cannot win.

If I had enough copies, I would love to mail every single one of you your very own!

I know you can order it from Amazon by clicking HERE.  I do not receive royalties from your purchase, so I don’t want you to think I am pushing the book for personal gain.  I do believe the book will inspire all of you who are missing loved ones, longing for Hope in the next life, and wanting to hear stories of God’s miraculous way of bringing peace to those who are hurting.

I will be having a give-away soon for the next Chicken Soup for the Soul in which I have a story.  This book will be released in about a month, and it is primarily for people who find themselves in the role of family caregiver.  I hope it helps many who are walking a similar road to the one we walked with Nick.  I’ll let you know when I receive my copies of this book!

Congratulations to this week’s winners:

Christine Adams

Shelli Waldridge




Please email me your address, so I can get your copy to you!

My email address is:


Thank you for your prayers and kind words today.

Praying for you all as I head to bed,