marias car and valentines 007

We’ve had so many snow days here in Carter County that last week was the first chance for the kids at school to celebrate Valentine’s Day!

As I walked around the room admiring all of the Valentine’s boxes and watching the kids enjoy their treats, I noticed this little gift wrapped and sitting on top of one boy’s desk.

I asked him what it was, and he said, “Oh, this is for my mamaw.”

He had wrapped up the cookies that had been handed out for snack time and then placed a heart sticker on top to hold the paper towel wrapping paper shut and was happily watching everyone else enjoy their snacks while he had none.

Now that’s what I call love!

A 9 year-old boy thinking of his mamaw before himself.

A child passing up immediate pleasure in exchange for the joy of seeing his mamaw’s face when he hands her this gift later in the afternoon.

A human being taking whatever they have….even if it’s just a few cookies and a paper towel and transforming them into something powerful and touching.

If we could see “love” through God’s eyes, I think we’d feel a lot less pressure when buying gifts.  I think we’d realize that true love isn’t measured by the cost of the wrapping paper or what is tucked inside. 

No, love comes from the heart.

It’s the joy we feel when we’re putting someone else’s needs above ours.

It’s the smile that comes from knowing that we gave all we had for the sake of someone else.

God definitely knows what it means to give His all.

I’m still learning.

Learning from 9 year-old little boys and thankful that God can speak even through cookies wrapped in love and a paper towel,