I’m getting ready to dive into my garage which has been my storage bin for the winter as I have cleaned closets and drawers! Four tables heaped with stuff I don’t need and things I’ll never wear await me! Piles and piles of more stuff surround the tables! YIKES! What have I gotten myself into? But the time has finally come. I can wait no longer! The sun is shining, it’s the first of the month, and the phrase “yard sale” is calling my name!

I feel like this in life so many times! Things about my character, my tongue, my parenting style, my marriage habits just get piled up with “STUFF” that doesn’t need to be there. Maybe I become critical or bitter, maybe I become harsh or judgmental, or maybe I just become complacent. Whatever the issue of the season, I find myself periodically at crossroads where I have allowed my life to become CLUTTERED and IN NEED OF PURGING!

So, as I venture to my very, very scary garage to do some difficult physical work, I am taking my sometimes very, very scary heart with me. While sorting yard sale items, I am going to be sorting out my spiritual life by praying, confessing, and reevaluating…..and finally I am going to praise God for a clean garage and a clean heart!