What Are You Holding?

November 18th, 2019


When his mother packed his lunch early that morning, did she ever dream she was packing a miracle? And if she’d known, would she have packed a little more – knowing Jesus would be looking in the basket in search of supplies. And as the little boy headed to town, did he realize what he was holding? Just two fish and five loaves of barley... Read more

nest and eggs

When The Nest Flies Too……..

November 7th, 2019


The first bird flew away over a decade ago. Watching him soar high into the sky, my heart whispered, You always have a home here. This nest is yours forever. —————————————- Not long after, the second bird began to flap his wings. Flying high and free, the whole world became his home. But still, a mommy bird wants her little one to remember, You always... Read more

elaines little feet

If Every Child Could Know

October 31st, 2019

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Her little feet. Running through our yard. And through our house. It was a summer to remember. Forever. I think about her this morning, experiencing another culture with her mommy and daddy. On the other side of the world. I miss my little Gingersnap. But I also whisper a prayer of thanks. She is safe. She is loved. And she knows. _________________________ I wish every... Read more

cross and the abbey


I can see him in my mind. Jairus. A synagogue ruler in his community. A desperate father in the crowd. His daughter, deathly sick, needs more than medicine and Jairus has heard Jesus is in town. Pushing through the crowd, he has one thing on his mind. A miracle from the miracle worker. As he approaches Jesus, he doesn’t take time for informal introductions, he... Read more

abbey chair


Viewing life as a story has always been “a thing” for me. Long before learning about the work of Epston and White on narrative therapy, I saw my life as a series of days broken into sections – each with a specific purpose. I  remember sitting with my sister, when one of us was faced with the break-up of a boyfriend or some other “dramatic”... Read more

facing dawn

A Man With a Mat Has a Story

October 25th, 2019


“Sir, I have no one to help me.” the invalid replied when asked, “Do you want to get well? Thirty-eight years is a long time to lie next to the answer to your problem. So Jesus’s answer to this man’s statement by-passed a long conversation. It was short. To the point. And effective. “Get up!  Pick up your mat and walk.” I think Jesus knew... Read more

temple indian creek


I’ve read the story a hundred times. A crowded house. Standing room only. Doorways blocked by groups of people gathered around outside. There was definitely something special happening inside these walls. And anyone who knew what was going on wanted to be there too. Word had traveled quickly. Neighbors were talking. Jesus had come back home. If you could push your way through the throngs... Read more

leaf heart edited


“Jesus, tired as He was from the journey, sat down by the well.” John 4:6 Why do I love this image? Jesus – the Son of God, Prince of Peace King of Kings  Lord of Lords Savior of the world and most of all  Living Water sitting by a well. Jesus was weary. The One who holds all things in His hands needed a place... Read more