I can remember the moment like it was yesterday. Sitting in my bathtub, of all places, and hearing someone calling from my front door, I recognized Cheri’s voice immediately; and from my bathroom called back, “Come on in.” When your son has cancer and you’ve been told there’s nothing else the doctors can do, you stop caring about the condition you’re in when someone stops by to see you. Cheri walked right into... Read more


When Your Hands Are Just Too Full

February 15th, 2017


I knew I had overestimated what I could carry in one trip. Two large notebooks A Bible A tub of colored pencils And my purse……….. The trip from my car to the house didn’t seem that far – until I closed the car door (with my foot) and turned to walk inside. I could feel the wobbly stack beginning to slip and before I could see what... Read more


In a world where everything seems bigger and louder than ever before, I love the thought of a tiny copper coin still having a voice. ——————————————— A purchase today may cost several hundred dollars, but there’s a good chance the total will still end in some sort of cents…….. “That’ll be 265 dollars and 23 cents.” I don’t know why, but this is powerful to me. It’s as if... Read more

I’ve held a few signs in my life. The one I treasure most said, “Last day of chemo!” and I remember grasping it so proudly alongside my husband and son who a year later lost his fight with cancer. Signs definitely speak. And our family definitely had a message to deliver to the world on that special day. A few years later, KLove asked for photographs of people... Read more



I miss the dusty roads of my grandparent’s farm in Oklahoma. My roots are forever there, woven into and wrapped around the glistening pebbles, sandy soil, and colorful wildflowers covering every surface. In some ways, it feels like a hundred years since I ran through a sprinkler in my grandpa and grandma’s yard, played the piano in their living room, or threw horseshoes under the big tree beside... Read more



I’ll never forget the first time I walked into a jail cell. Metal bunk beds Concrete floors Cinder block walls Even the faces of the women seemed hard and cold Freedom and joy, like distant memories, had faded from their eyes. Holding only our Bibles, I remember feeling as if  we surely looked disappointing. We held no power to release them. We held no great news of... Read more

It’s funny how a sermon can hit you in an unexpected way……….. cause your mind to wander………… and the next thing you know you’re thinking about what’s sitting on your kitchen counter that very second and how maybe just maybe you washed out empty jars the night before not so much to clean them but to somehow prepare your heart for the message the next day.... Read more


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Kids often run full speed toward new things. Who wouldn’t want to ride on “moving stairs?” But a lanyard around the neck of a little boy with tiny legs can quickly become an enemy when brought too close to a gap in the moving metal. Before I could even think, he was way ahead of me, moving upward, grinning and leaning down to watch the magic of the machine….... Read more