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I sat in the grass with Olivia’s dog, waiting for her soccer scrimmage to begin. Tiny sweat bees danced around my legs and a warm breeze blew through my hair. It was quiet here, just below the sport’s fields on OCU’s campus, and I was thankful for a few minutes to simply soak in the moment. That’s when I noticed the softball, like a forgotten Easter egg, hiding... Read more

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The attic seemed to be calling their names. Covered in dust and rarely discussed, these symbols of victory (or at least participation) seemed to have served their purpose in our family’s story. ___________________ But when my husband heard my plan, he vetoed it with two sweet and heartfelt sentences, “You can’t do that. I look at those trophies every time I walk by.” I could see the sentiment in... Read more

I have to preface this post with a keen awareness of all the beautiful women who are not on this road of motherhood either by choice or by reasons far from your control. I love you. I want you to know your role in this world is just as significant and treasured. My dear friend Salina at www.heartreflected.com has some powerful words for you if you’re struggling... Read more

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As my nephew walked along the creek’s edge in search of crawdads or any other creature he could possibly scoop up in his net, I watched from a few feet below. My own boys – now all grown up – seemed to appear in the form of his innocent little figure. Stumbling along. Soaking up nature. The sight nearly took my breath away. I’d been to... Read more

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Discouraged ………..it’s just one of many adjectives in the English language, but isn’t it a powerful one? The dictionary defines it as “having lost confidence or enthusiasm; disheartened.” Have you ever felt it? Weakened Lacking excitement Sad As someone who believes in a Living God who has a bigger plan than I could ever possibly see or understand I feel so guilty when I’m overcome with this... Read more

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A couple of weeks ago, a picture fell off the wall in my Sunday school room. I had been told the floor needed to be cleaned before women arrived, but I didn’t expect to find such a large amount of shattered glass waiting for me. As I knelt down to begin the work of making the floor safe again, I couldn’t help but notice the picture... Read more

Discarded but not quite thrown away, this love-shaped wreath rests quietly in the rocks in our backyard. Step on me. Step over me. But never forget who I am…………… I am “love.” ———————————————————— This past year I’ve felt so much like this wreath. Snapping photos Taking classes Even teaching a college course I’ve worked on discovering my new role in this big world, all the while burying the... Read more



My “hands-on motherhood road” is quickly nearing an end. The everyday errand-running, awake-at-dawn then up-til-who-knows-when era is fading fast. I’m a worn-down gravel road. The years of memories etched into my very being. Birthday parties Sleepovers Science fair projects Field trips Proms Homecomings Doctor’s appointments Soccer games Basketball games Track meets Band concerts Guitar lessons Art lessons Piano lessons Voice lessons The list goes on and on.... Read more