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Thirteen years have passed since Joseph was sold into slavery by his brothers. From becoming the personal attendant to Potiphar to being thrown into prison by this very same man, Joseph has learned that his confidence should never be placed in the hands of men. So when Pharoah calls for Joseph to interpret a dream, two years after the baker is spared from death and... Read more

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I love slipping into my robe every morning. And enjoying the space between sleeping and getting ready for the day. The spacious place where decisions are totally mine. Drink coffee? Drink hot tea? The choice is mine. Start laundry or wait til evening? The choice is mine. Have a bowl of cereal or a banana… or both? The choice is mine. Wearing my robe, I... Read more



When God called Abraham to be the father of many nations, ultimately leading to the birth of Jesus, He surely knew this family tree was going to include some extremely thorny branches. Jealousy Murder Deception Lies They all grew here. Yet God chose not to chop it down. He rooted His promise in Abraham and was faithful to His Word. Abraham’s descendants would eventually include... Read more

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I have to confess. There was a small chapter of my life when I watched “Days of Our Lives.” I knew the plot line was shallow. And I knew that in real life dramatic conversations rarely end with someone sipping coffee while music plays them out of the scene. But for whatever reason, I felt the need to know what was happening in the lives... Read more


The Thing About Covenants

January 14th, 2019


Since the beginning of time, God has been in the covenant-making business. Working with imperfect people to complete a perfect plan. He started in a garden. With a couple who for all practical purposes “had it made.” But still went looking. Wanting more. Stepping over the one little line God had drawn in the middle of endless beauty. And forever loosening the perfect bond they... Read more

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I’ll wonder every time. Did God’s plan include Rebekah’s decision to trick Isaac? To have Jacob lie to his own dad? In Old Testament times, the blessing of a father could not be revoked once spoken. Rebekah surely knew this. Isaac surely knew this too. But they moved forward anyway. Came up with a scheme to steal Esau’s firstborn rights. And succeeded. Years before, God... Read more

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How often did Abraham retell his story? Sitting by the gate of the city (or wherever men gathered to chat in Old Testament times), he surely rehashed the details time and time again. An elderly couple A promised son And a God who asked for that very son to be sacrificed on an altar It’s a story that would make headlines today. And I have... Read more

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I knew it would happen eventually. I knew a morning would come when I would read the Bible with other things pressing on my heart with such force that every Word seemed tainted. Circumcision. Angels visiting Abraham. Abraham questioning their message. And Sarah laughing at it. Cries against Sodom and Gomorrah being heard by God. Abraham bargaining with God in order to save his family.... Read more