When Answers Don’t Come Easy

January 23rd, 2019


“Teach me and I will be silent.   Help me understand what I did wrong.” Job 6:24 I love Job’s honesty. I guess because I’ve felt the very same way. Had the same requests. Longing to understand where I slipped up. Beating myself up for every shortcoming. Convinced my pain was deserved. ____________________________ Grief has a way of playing games with your mind. Sending you... Read more

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Choosing To Sit Not Speak

January 22nd, 2019


And just like that, Jacob, and eventually Joseph, have slipped off the earth. Men of great influence and power. Gone. Men who walked with God when many were running the other way. Now with Him. On the other side. ___________________________________ And maybe to give readers a chance to catch their breath, my chronological Bible pushes pause on the history of the Israelites, and places Job... Read more

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Because Every Move Matters

January 21st, 2019


Joseph’s brothers finally return home to tell their father the big news. Joseph is alive! The brother they’d once wanted to kill will now be the very one to keep all of them alive. The entire family is soon escorted to Egypt. A celebratory parade of men, women, children, herds of livestock, and some of Pharoah’s finest resources for the journey. The trip couldn’t have been an... Read more

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The Best A Man Can Be

January 19th, 2019

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This isn’t anything new. Men longing to be their best. But not making “the cut.” Literally. Joseph’s brothers felt the daily pain of falling short in the eyes of their father. And decided to take matters into their own hands. Remove the son who made them feel “less than.” Surely our father’s favorite son can’t overshadow us if he’s no longer standing nearby….. under the... Read more

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Thirteen years have passed since Joseph was sold into slavery by his brothers. From becoming the personal attendant to Potiphar to being thrown into prison by this very same man, Joseph has learned that his confidence should never be placed in the hands of men. So when Pharoah calls for Joseph to interpret a dream, two years after the baker is spared from death and... Read more

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I love slipping into my robe every morning. And enjoying the space between sleeping and getting ready for the day. The spacious place where decisions are totally mine. Drink coffee? Drink hot tea? The choice is mine. Start laundry or wait til evening? The choice is mine. Have a bowl of cereal or a banana… or both? The choice is mine. Wearing my robe, I... Read more



When God called Abraham to be the father of many nations, ultimately leading to the birth of Jesus, He surely knew this family tree was going to include some extremely thorny branches. Jealousy Murder Deception Lies They all grew here. Yet God chose not to chop it down. He rooted His promise in Abraham and was faithful to His Word. Abraham’s descendants would eventually include... Read more

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I have to confess. There was a small chapter of my life when I watched “Days of Our Lives.” I knew the plot line was shallow. And I knew that in real life dramatic conversations rarely end with someone sipping coffee while music plays them out of the scene. But for whatever reason, I felt the need to know what was happening in the lives... Read more