Fear Isn’t Always a Bad Thing….But Sometimes It Is

Do you remember the song? “Twelve men went to spy on Canaan. Ten were bad and two were good. What did they see when they got to Canaan? Ten were bad and two were good. Some saw giants big and tall. Some saw grapes in clusters fall. Twelve men went to spy on Canaan. Ten... Read more

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Because an Empty Glass is Still a Glass

Perspective is powerful. I know this is true. One slight turn of my camera changes everything about what I see through my lens. By choosing to sit on the ground rather than standing on a stool, I capture an entirely different view of what’s in front of me. As I read about the Israelites this... Read more

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The Power of “Even When”

It’s only been a year since the Israelites left Egypt. They’ve seen manna fall from Heaven and people fall from disobedience. They’ve watched Moses leave and reappear….. several times. They’ve donated supplies for the building of a temple and offered sacrifices for the many reasons they’ve fallen short along the way. They’ve been counted and... Read more



What Holiness Requires

It’s easy to read the story of the Israelites in the wilderness and wipe my brow in relief. There was no “choosing-your-tribe-day” in the desert. And there was never a “sign-up sheet in the foyer” for those who were willing to “risk their life” in order to move holy objects from one place to the... Read more

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Is a Week at the Beach Really Enough?

I wonder if God realized something as He watched the Israelites journey through the wilderness. Did He sense fatigue in their eyes? Notice irritability in their conversations? Remember His own need for a break after creating the world? I’m not sure what happens between Leviticus chapters 22 and 23, but the conversation takes a turn.... Read more

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Because Fitting In Will Cost You

I’m not a fan of fancy places. I’ve often said that when I am required to dress up, attempting to wear a heel that exceeds an inch, I look and walk like Mrs. Doubtfire. If you don’t know who that is, please feel free to Google her name. The reality is, I’ve just never been... Read more

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How Much Do We Really Love Our Children Today?

We’ve all seen signs that list “Our House Rules.” Things are included like, “If you open it, close it. and If you turn it on, turn it off.” Or “In this house, we forgive often, like to have fun, say we’re sorry, love each other no matter what.” House rules today make great wall hangings.... Read more



Because God Gets Grief

As God gave instructions about the tabernacle, one thing was clear. Sin had consequences. There was no “slipping by” or “squeaking through” when it came to falling short. Holiness wasn’t a condition of “almost,” or “I did my best,” or “I’m only human.” Holiness demanded a sacrifice. A laying down and burning up of something.... Read more

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Do I Really Have to Read Leviticus????

Phil LeMaster was my minister for years. He walked many wonderful and many painful roads with our family. Preached funerals for us no preacher ever wants to preach. Welcomed each new son we brought into the world after we moved to Kentucky. And introduced our newly-adopted daughter to the congregation just days after she arrived... Read more



Because Basins Trump Mirrors…..Everyday

God created the world in just six days. Yet took forty days to explain the creation of the tabernacle to Moses. One chapter in Genesis transforms vast darkness into a world filled with all kinds living creatures. Yet six chapters in Exodus are needed for laying out the specifics of God’s dwelling place with the... Read more