Family…You are Part of Mine Too..

marias birthday  3--22-2010 0070 resizedMaria had a birthday this weekend!!!
We are so thankful for her!  She came into our lives exactly when we needed her.  Evan brought her to Nick’s funeral, and our first hug was in the visitation line…she has been a comforter to us ever since.  We love you, Maria. marias birthday  3--22-2010 0084 resized Erich and Evan were both home this weekend… little boys are all grown up. I love you both so much.IMG_4304_resize Can you find Erich and Evan in this “old” picture of all the kids with Mamaw?

(Nick is right in the middle.)

marias birthday  3--22-2010 0072 resizedMallory got to come for the weekend too!  All the way from Nashville!  She brings such a bubbly fun spirit to our home and we are thankful to know that she will soon be our “daughter.”  September 18th is the wedding date!

We love you, Mallory!marias birthday  3--22-2010 0019 resized Olivia started golf last week!!  I’ll let you know how she does! 
This is a first for our family!!!

state tournament 007

Tim, Olivia,and I had a fun time at the state tournament!! 

We are so proud of the Raiders! 

tennis and raider socks 003

Todd spends most of his time playing tennis or running around with his friends, so I had a hard time finding a recent picture of him but I didn’t want to leave him out.

Because, this is “life” at our house.

We keep pressing on.

Making memories.







Things aren’t always perfect here in the Nischan house.

I’d be lying if I claimed they were.

But we keep praying our way through every up and every down and trusting that God will pick us up when and where we fall short.

My friend Melanie has challenged me to pray for my family in a more fervent way, because we live in a time when the devil is doing all that he can to tear down anything built on love.

I wanted to share that challenge with you, too, and allow you to share any needs your family might have either through a comment or an email, so I can pray for your family too. 

You are not alone in whatever you are facing.

It’s good for me to remind myself of that truth. 

God never leaves or forsakes us even in the toughest of times…He is there.

Grief has been weighing me down recently to a level much lower than I had ever thought I would go again, but I have learned from several friends who have walked this road before me that this is normal and that, in time, these periods of deep grief will soften……I think I fear softening in my grief,  because in some way the devil has convinced me that this pain is the only way to feel near Nick.  But somewhere deep, down inside of me I know that Nick is never far away, and I have GOT to look up for strength and comfort and hope to press forward in this life. 

Today I am determined to pull myself out of my own “pain” and pray for others, and that is what I am committing to do in the days and months ahead.

I am reminded of a poem that my roommate in college (20 years ago) had on our mirror.

“Lord, let me live from day to day

In such a self-forgetful way

That even when I kneel to pray

My prayer shall be for others.”

I will regularly be scrolling over the map on the lower part of the column to the right and praying for your “hearts” represented by your visits.

Praying faithfully and lovingly  for my family and for all of you – my family through the blood of Jesus,

6 thoughts on “Family…You are Part of Mine Too..

  1. Such great photos of your family! I didn’t realize a wedding was in the future. How exciting – and bittersweet…all at the same time.

    Satan does indeed want to use the days of grief to attack..and even destroy…our families. I surely see that in our home. My children’s faith has crumbled…one is so bitter and another is so floundering (feeling like trusting/leaning is a waste of time). I feel the one thing that could hold us all together and heal us along the way – our faith in a good and loving Heavenly father…our faith – is now a wedge between us.

    No doubt Satan thinks he has won a victory…but there is power and victory in prayer. I would so appreciate your prayer for my family. Not only my children but also my husband.

    And please know that I pray the same for your family. Every day..I pray for you by name.

    Hugs sweet friend,


  2. Tammy…funny you should post this right now…boy do I need it! I need to be more intentional about my prayer…

    Within the past two weeks my two oldest nephews were arrested…one in Texas for robbery, the other for underage drinking…

    I had a chance to share with my sister a littl bit Sunday…praying that the words take root in her heart.

    Thanks friend!
    Love you!

  3. But we keep praying our way through every up and every down and trusting that God will pick us up when and where we fall short.

    amen amen amen dear sister…

    Your post brought such encouragement and hope to my spirit and heart..

  4. Hey Tammy,

    What great pictures! Enjoyed each one and yes, I found your handsome sons in that picture, all of them.

    Olivia was so cute! (still is)

    I’m so excited to tell you I had a dream of YOU! Yes, I got to meet you and was so excited. It was if we had known each other for years.

    See, you are never far from my mind. And I pray, I will meet you one day!

    Praying especially hard for you, Melanie, Tonya and all my friends who have treasures in heaven waiting for them.

    Thanks for being such a blessing to us all.

    Keep holding on to Jesus♥

  5. Tammy,
    Since my sister passed it seems things continue to fall apart. My daughter’s marriage failed and she is not walking where she should. I too have let “things” weigh me down where I’ve not been there for others. I will NOT let it continue. I too, am ready to turn from my own pain and reach out to others. I’m believing more and more in the power of prayer, and letting go “in the flesh” and letting God take over.
    I will continue to pray for you!
    I love you dearly.