Fifty years ago today, this guy entered the world.

I’m pretty sure God knew from the very beginning he was going to be an easy human being.
















I’m also pretty sure this guy had no idea how marriage would challenge every part of his natural being.

I’m thankful this morning for a husband who has taught me many things that didn’t come as naturally in my original mold.

When I read Psalm 33:18 this morning, I thought of Tim.

But the eyes of the LORD are on those who fear him,

on those whose hope is in his unfailing love…..

If I know one thing for sure, I know this:

The Lord’s eyes are on Tim and they are smiling.

Tim fears God while constantly putting his hope is in His unfailing love.

Even in the deepest grief and in the painful agony of watching me, his wife, grieve so deeply,

Tim’s faith has never wavered…………not once.

Even when his birthday became the anniversary of losing our precious daughter,

he kept pressing on with an unshakable belief in God’s ability to bring joy from our pain.

Even in the darkest days of worry with our children,

Tim’s trust in God’s protection, mercy, and grace has remained steady.

He knows that he knows that he knows……………..

that no matter what happens on this planet, God is with us.

While God is my Heavenly fortress and Rock,

Tim is my earthly one.

He is my anchor in a storm-filled sea.

He makes me laugh even when I’m determined that nothing about a situation could possibly be funny.

He reminds me of all that is good when I so easily can focus on all that is bad.

He calms my anxious heart when I’m sure there are a million reasons we should be worried.

He counsels our children from wherever they happen to be in this big world with wisdom and truth.

He prays for them and me daily.

He believes in us even when we don’t believe in ourselves.

He wants the best for us even if it means less for himself.

He’s not afraid to cry when something moves him.

In the midst of all that life has brought our way, Tim chooses joy.

Every day.

And even when it irritates me to the core to see him smile in moments when I feel no happiness,

I’m so thankful for his ability to see beyond that moment and remind me that things will get better.

I am who I am today,

because fifty years ago today this guy entered the world.

To our sons I say, “Be like your dad.”

To our daughter I say, “Marry someone like your dad.”

Happy birthday, Tim.

I love you so much.

I had no idea what I was doing when I said “yes” to your proposal when I was only 18 years old,

but I’m so glad God knew what He was doing when He led you to ask that life-changing question.

We’ve truly grown up together.

I know our marriage isn’t perfect, but I’m so thankful we both cling to Him who is.

I look so forward to growing old with you.

And if you leave this earth before me, 

I will for the rest of my years be “only half.”