Last night I came here to check in and discovered that instead of my normal blog music there was a podcast of a baseball game from June 2010 which was highlighting a game between the Angels and the Dodgers and reflecting on a previous game from 2008. It was the oddest podcast and after about an hour and a half of trying to figure out the problem, I discovered that one of the songs on my playlist had been overtaken by the podcast somehow on the actual server’s site.

As I created a new playlist, I chose some new songs by David Nevue, a music artist that I love by the way, and realized that when my blog first opens it may sound totally different to your ears.
I wasn’t expecting to make such a big change on my blog last night, but today as I was thinking about it, the thought struck me that many times in life the biggest changes are the ones that come the most unexpectedly.
I’ve heard it said before that the only thing in life that is certain (other than God, of course) is “CHANGE.”
I just wanted to take a minute and explain the reason for new music, and I also wanted to ask for your prayers.
I will be traveling in about half an hour to my mom’s (a little over 3 hours away), and in the morning mom and I will be driving about 3 1/2 more hours from there to Stateline Christian Church in Paris, IL, where I will be speaking twice at their women’s retreat.
I am going to take a much – needed power nap before heading out, but I just wanted to touch base before leaving town and say that I will be thinking of all of you as I am away and praying that your weekends are filled with special moments.
Much love,