This weekend has been filled with such tragedy across our nation.

I am so sorry for not writing sooner.

Just 40 miles from where we live, the small town of West Liberty is dealing with incredible pain and loss.

We were involved with some small efforts to help them Friday evening, but the road of ahead of them is one that is going to require the help of so many.

I have felt at a loss for words since Friday.

I read this morning of the death of the toddler from Indiana who was found in a field ten miles from her home after a tornado immediately took the rest of her family’s lives.

This little girl’s name was Angel.

As I was reading the story of her death


I was struck by these words from her grandmother.

“We were all around the bed, I had my hand on the side of her, and I reached for her hand, and was holding her hand,”

the grandmother said.  “I don’t know what made me let go, but she put her arms straight up, she was daddy’s little girl. 

So daddy picked her up and took her.  The whole room seen that.  He was just like, standing in front of her.  She wanted to go with daddy.”

While my heart breaks for the grandma and for so many others who are dealing with terrible losses today, I can’t help feeling happy for this little Angel.

She is healed.

She is Home.

I also find great significance in her name and in her actions (the lifting of her arms to Heaven) as she left this earth.

As humans, with eternity set in our hearts, death does not make sense.

We feel the pain.

We sense the loss.

We see the tragedy.

We question the reason for such horrible things.

I don’t think God is surprised by our questions.

I do think He longs for us to remember that Jesus holds the keys of death.

The grave has no more power.

He covers us, even in these dark times, with His all-surpassing love.

During the tornado warnings Friday evening, I was sitting in a jail cell with women who are questioning their life choices.

The things they have done do not make sense to me or to their family members, and yet I know God still loves them.

The freedom they long for in an earthly sense is available to them spiritually even as they sit imprisoned for their mistakes.

My prayer is that they will choose to reach up for help instead of out to things like addictions and other strongholds.

As I think back over the weekend, I realize there are so many people filled with questions today.

Filled with sorrow.

Some are rummaging through the remainders of their possessions,

trying to find peace in the midst of great loss.

Some are sitting in bondage as a result of their sins.

All our wondering where to reach for help.

I guess the reason for our sadness isn’t the issue today.

What matters is where we turn in our turmoil..

to whom do we reach out?

I woke up this morning to this view from my deck.

From every angle, life was peaceful and covered in a blanket of snow.

march 2012 snow 001

march 2012 snow 004

march 2012 snow 007

march 2012 snow 009

march 2012 snow 010

Today, I am praying that a spiritual blanket of peace covers so many who are hurting.

The pain of this world can only be lessened by the Presence of Him who is the Prince of Peace.

Thankful for His covering today.

Praying all will reach where Angel reached……

UP to a Heavenly Father who offers healing, hope, and peace.

I love you all so much,