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When water started leakng through the ceiling in our living room about a month ago, we realized that the floor in our upstairs bathroom was in major need of repair!

It’s one of those things that probably could have been fixed in a simpler way, but when I found ceramic tile on sale at our local carpet store and was so tired of the 16-year old white linoleum, I decided that a little bit of subbing money could bring new life to a very “used” room in our house.

I find my morning “bathroom” time to be one of the few “undivided” moments of my life, so I also had this inspiration to transform Todd and Olivia’s “morning moments” into a little bit of a revival.

I know my blogging has been hit or miss for a while now.  I told Tim I felt a little like Forrest Gump when he ran and ran and ran and then suddenly he just said, “I’m going home now,” and he turned around and started walking home.

I’ve just felt a little weary lately, like I’ve ran out of words.

I have to be true to myself and true to you.

If the words won’t come, I just can’t write.

So, I thought I’d give you a little tour of our bathroom revival.

I’ll let God’s Words speak to you from a little corner of our house hopefully straight to your heart. 🙂

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My mom cross-stitched this as a wedding gift to us almost 24 years ago!!new hair and new bathroom 048  new hair and new bathroom 040

 new hair and new bathroom 027  new hair and new bathroom 034 new hair and new bathroom 029 new hair and new bathroom 026 new hair and new bathroom 030 new hair and new bathroom 032

Love you all.

Thanks for checking in even when I seem to have “checked out.”

Praying for words and listening for Him,