I wonder what’s going on today up there in Heaven?

Do birthdays matter in eternity where time is endless?

I don’t know.

But I do know this, God was all about setting up memorials throughout the Old Testament and there were a lot of festivals too.

I just have to believe that God is all about celebrating life – here and there!

So, I’m going to imagine a huge day of balloons and laughter in Heaven as Adrienne turns 21 without me there to hug her.

balloon release

I’m going to imagine Nick right there with her grinning, eyes closed and face full of joy, singing with the sweet voice he always had when he sang here on earth.

I’m going to imagine lots of other kids I know, and adults too, gathered around a banqueting table holding a gigantic cake and gifts my human eyes can’t even imagine.

I’m thankful today for a faith that sees beyond this world and a Hope that does not disappoint!!

Grief is so much easier when we allow God to step in and carry us through days like today.

I’m just thinking that if my eyes stay wide open, I’m going to experience Heaven’s joy right here on earth today.

I’m smiling right now as I think about the fact that the very month of Adrienne’s 21st birthday is the month that me and my co-worker have been called upon to fill up almost 300 helium balloons over the course of its days so that teachers can release them as a celebration of our teacher academy’s coming to a close for this school year!

To think that we are sending up towards the heavens 300 balloons from our small town makes me smile!!

I love God’s ways of bringing a smile!

Turn to Him today with all of your “should be”s in life and ask Him to fill you with peace in spite of your realities.

He longs to be with you in the celebrations you can have and in the celebrations you should be having…………

He never stops loving you.

And He never stops wanting to give you reasons to smile even when your smile is based on future Hope more than it is on your present circumstances.

I love you all so much!

I have to end today with, “Happy 21st birthday, Adrienne!!  I love you so much! You are part of everything I am today….and always will be!!”


I love that “Part 17” of Nick’s funeral on Youtube is the releasing of 99 red balloons in honor of one of Nick’s favorite songs!

Nick would be 17 now, so it seems appropriate that the numbers are all coming together as Adrienne is turning 21.


I thought I’d let everyone who released balloons for Nick in 2008 help us celebrate today by releasing them again for Adrienne! 
Thank you for sharing in all of our joy and all of our grief!


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Only God can use a funeral to celebrate a birthday.

Smiling with tears as I cling to the promise that one day my mourning will turn to dancing,