I’ve been subbing a lot this week.

Yesterday I spent the day with precious little kindergartners and am heading back there today. I can still see the sweet little face of a five-year old boy who looked at me as he was walking out the door to the bus. As he left, he looked back and said, “See you tomorrow.”

I thought about what the Bible calls childlike faith and wondered, “What would he do if I didn’t come back tomorrow? Would he understand? Would he hold it against me forever?”

I don’t think so.

I watch little children as they play and as they interact with each other and adults, and if I’ve learned one thing through the years, it is this:

They have a gift of loving and trusting and moving on very quickly.

I’ve seen kids hurt emotionally by their peers one minute and then giggling with them the next.

I think that’s why God calls us to have a childlike faith. Not the faith of an adult.

We tend to hold grudges, ask unanswerable questions expecting answers, and stay bitter way too long.

I want the faith of a kindergartner.

I’m glad I’ll be back in that class today. A class where I can learn so much even as I’m teaching.

I’ll write more this weekend, but I had to pop over this morning and say “I love you all,” and “I’m praying that we can all learn to trust like a five-year old.”

“See you tomorrow,”