It’s almost surreal sitting on the floor of Evan’s duplex in Los Angeles, California, surrounded by suitcases and clothes while writing to you.

It’s 10 a.m. here.

1 p.m. in Kentucky……

and I have no idea what time it is where you are sitting and reading this. 

All I know is this:

we are all on the same planet,

rotating at the same speed,

revolving around the same Sun,

and being loved by the same God.

That face alone makes me smile in the midst of the hustle and bustle of a world totally opposite of our little town in Eastern Kentucky.

I don’t know how I raised a Kentucky boy to love this fast-paced world, but somehow it is in his blood, and it’s amazing to see him navigate the busy freeways wrapping around Beverly Hills and Hollywood.  He knows this place like the back of his hand.

There’s something about Hollywood, though, that makes “being still” a little less easy.

We’re going to a rose garden today on the campus of USC, and honestly I can’t wait to walk through the grass and see flowers!

The past 36 hours have contained a lot of concrete, and I’m ready for some nature!

We did get to climb a good-sized hill last night to visit the Griffith Observatory and the view of LA from that location was breathtaking!

iphone 1416

iphone 1423

I loved church services yesterday morning!  It was so neat to be on the main strip of Hollywood where all the stars are found on the sidewalks and walk into a building where people were singing the same songs we sing in Kentucky and celebrating the same resurrection!!

iphone 1322

iphone 1324


I did laugh when I saw Rodney Dangerfield’s star with the “y” chipped out of his name as if someone dropped something heavy on it and it was never fixed.  Maybe his saying, “I get no respect,” is really true!

iphone 1336

Chinatown was an experience!

So many people.


iphone 1366

iphone 1373

iphone 1374

I’m definitely a bit overwhelmed. (Mr. Mabry, if you are reading this, I know you are laughing since you see me overwhelmed almost every day at school.)

Olivia is overwhelmed too.  She was so funny last night.  She said, “This is stretching me out of my comfort zone.”

After the rose garden we are going to drive to Huntington Beach, CA.  Tim’s family lived there when he was a freshman in high school while his dad was on staff at a church in the area.

It’s kind-of a special trip, because Olivia is 14 – the age Tim was when he lived here and the age I was the last time I visited California – so for us, it’s a little nostalgic even though Tim is only experiencing our trip through pictures.  He stayed home with the dogs and his job.  Our spring breaks weren’t the same week. Sad smile 

I was so determined to stay consistent with my blogging, but already I am posting much later in the day than I had planned.

I think I’m just going to have to accept the fact that this week I will post whenever I get a chance.  I may write again tonight now that I know the Internet access password. Smile

Evan is at a casting call right now, so Olivia and I had a slower morning.  She is still fast asleep on our wonderful inflatable mattress!

As a mom, I am amazed at how different each of my children have turned out to be!

I am sure God feels this way about all of us on such an enormously different level!

Being a mom isn’t easy.  Having to give up control of kids who use to long to hold your hand in unfamiliar settings.

Now, it’s me that longs to hold onto them, but they are moving so quickly I have had to release my grip and ask God to hold them when I can’t.


I never knew this part of my mothering journey would come so quickly and so abruptly.

But it has, and so I am committed to being the kind of parent I have been blessed to have. 

One who says, “Go! Live! Be you!”

And then pray and pray and pray as I watch them go.

I have thought of all of you as I have ventured out on this trip.  As I looked out the window of the airplane, crossing the United States, I wondered if some of you lived near a place we were passing.  I pictured the map on my blog and smiled, knowing God sees you from this view ALL THE TIME and it is a beautiful view!!!

Problems, worries, frustrations, anxieties………they all seem so small from the sky.

iphone 1280

My prayer for you today is that you know and believe that God is looking down on you, He loves you, and no matter what time zone you find yourself in today……..

He is there…….

And you are loved!!!


For the eyes of the LORD range throughout the earth to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to him.

II Chron. 16:9


Still praying for you, Martha, as you begin a new round of chemo.  I’ll help you out in any way I can next week.