You’ve probably noticed that my postings have been a little less frequent the past few weeks.
A friend of mine who lives out of town called to me to read some excerpts from the book “Facing Your Giants” yesterday, and it made me start thinking.
I am sure that as David prepared to face Goliath and during the actual battle, he wasn’t turning around to the crowd of supporters to let them know how he was doing. He was just DOING what he had to do to win the fight. That’s where I’m at right now.
Nick’s battle with cancer has become a Goliath in our life. He is not doing well at all. We have decided not to try another type of chemo. After six years of living with cancer, Nick is tired of needles, hospitals, everything that has to do with the medical world. At this time we are simply going to be taking Nick for 10 to 15 rounds of radiation to his hips to help with pain and then focusing on supplements and nutrition. Down the road, if God gives us the opportunity, we may look into another surgery. However, at this time Nick is too weak to even think about that.
He sleeps a lot and he has lost his appetite for most everything.
So, as I think about the Goliath that we are facing, I have to rethink what I have thought for 6 years. See, I have seen cancer as our Goliath and the belief that if Nick could beat the cancer then we would win the battle. But, after some soul-searching and talks with friends, I have come to this sobering truth.
Our battle and Nick’s battle is against satan not cancer. Satan doesn’t really care if we live or die. He just cares about where our heart is when we move to eternity. So, while I fight to keep Nick alive, I am fighting more to keep his heart focused on the most important reality: GOD!
That’s really a Goliath we all face in this world. Whether we are facing depression, divorce, loneliness, grief, anger, jealousy, or any other tough situation, the devil is right there hoping to trip us up in our walk.
So as I ask for all of your prayers as my family faces the Goliath of cancer, I am asking even more for your prayers that our family win this battle with the devil. Protect Nick’s heart as well as all of our other kid’s along with Tim and me and my precious mom who is walking this road with Nick right along with us. Help us to stay focused on God’s love and blessings even on the darkest days.
Love from one warrior to another,