Our family is celebrating this week in an extra-special way. 

My brother is a dad for the very first time!

Tim and I can’t help but feel a little heavenly help from Nick as we think of the exciting unfolding of our nephew’s arrival into this world yesterday!

Mom kept me posted all morning yesterday on Maura’s condition at the hospital. 

I was three hours away, working in schools, but frequently mom would send word about how Maura’s labor was going.

When I noticed that it was just 40 minutes until 12:12 after six hours of labor, I started wondering if this little guy was going to make his appearance at just the right time,



Just as mom texted and said, “He’s here and he’s crying!”

I glanced at the wall in the second grade room I was in and this is what I saw,

December and David Joseph 009

Tears filled my eyes immediately, and all the teachers who were with me at that moment shared in my happiness in such a special way as I took this picture!


Penny and Nick popped right out at me, and I knew without a doubt that Nick was smiling in Heaven as our family was given a new little bundle of joy to love.

Then, as I sat and thought about all of the wonderful things about the day, all the details of my nephew’s arrival hit me in such a powerful way!






Room 12


12 days before Christmas Eve

David Joseph entered our world!

7 – 12s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

David Joseph is our little Christmas gift this year from Heaven!

Nick will always be our 7-11 gift!



David Joseph is now our 7-12 gift!

david joseph two

david joseph one


I can’t wait to hold this little guy!

Thank you all for your prayers for Maura and Cy!

I love you all so much!