Yesterday, I watched Tim fall from the sky hooked to a parachute (and another man!).

tim skydiving

To say this was an exciting moment would be a huge understatement!

Just look at Tim’s face as he leaves the plane!

tim jumping from plane

There’s something about watching someone put his faith in strings and “whatever parachutes are made of” that makes my heart skip a few beats.

There’s also something about watching your husband experience a once-in-a- lifetime memory thanks to our kids’ creativity that brings tears to my eyes even now.


But that was yesterday.


Today has been a totally different kind-of day.

It’s been a quiet day.


Tim didn’t fall from the air.

He mowed our lawn.


I didn’t photograph death-defying activities.

I photographed blackberry cobbler as it was being made.


Yes, I photographed my day in the kitchen.




I think there are a couple of reasons.


First, I was excited about trying something new and about cooking in general. Smile


Second, I knew deep inside that yesterday compared to today was something I wanted to share with all of you.


See, I’ve thought a lot about yesterday and the energy we felt as we shared the day with friends and family through Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

It was so much fun to hear everyone’s reactions and know that even though friends weren’t with us in person they were with us in spirit.


I’ve also thought about the reality that every day can’t be a skydiving day.


No, some days are not that exciting.


They are just regular, routine, predictable days.

And that’s okay.


I read a quote recently that said,

“There’s no such thing as an unimportant day.”


I love that.


Today was definitely not a day I would share minute by minute via social media, but it was still an important day.


It was important because we shared the day with people we love.


I talked to my brother and mom on the phone and wished them happy birthdays.

Olivia had a friend over to watch movies.

They ate my cobbler and lived to talk about it.

I had friends spend some time with me in the pool.

Tim mowed and worked and rested afterward.

It was a quiet day, but it was a good day.


And I guess I’m writing this just to remind myself that all kinds of days are good days if we soak up the laughter and love around us.

So whether you find yourself in the midst of a once-in-a-lifetime moment like free-falling from an airplane at 12,000 feet or simply watching a cooking video to help you make a cobbler you’ve never tried before, enjoy your day.

It is a gift.


July 2013 164

July 2013 165

July 2013 168

July 2013 173

July 2013 174


I would like to end this post with a thank you and a prayer request.

Thank you, Martha, for sharing some of your blackberries with me last night. I love you so much!

And to all of my blogging friends, please keep Martha in your prayers.  She found out she has to have six more months of chemo and needs our prayers, love, and support. 

You can send her a card at this address:

Martha Jordan

c/o First Church of Christ

287 Pomeroy Street

Grayson, KY  41143

If you haven’t seen Tim’s skydiving experience on Facebook, here it is!!



There is a time for everything,

and a season for every activity under

the heavens.

Eccl. 3:1