The Kingdom of God will be taken away from you and given to a nation that will produce the proper fruit. 

Matt. 21:43harvest

The trees may be bare and the flowers hidden under a blanket of snow, but God promises that just as certainly as winter followed fall, spring will follow winter!

And that gives me Hope on a cold, winter day when I’m longing to see the wonderful colors of springtime!

In a very earthly sense, I look forward to spring and all that it promises!  Sunshine, warmth, blossoming trees and flowers!

But in a spiritual sense, I LIVE for spring…..where death is swallowed up in victory! 

And in living for spring, I have to remember that God calls me as a Christian to live a life of fruitfulness all year round!  He speaks very clearly about the dangers of becoming spiritually “dead,” and I believe that happens when we stop bearing fruit.

So, even though the earth seems to have taken a break from bearing fruit, I know that underneath the cold, hard ground, God is working to produce yet another spring (if He does not return before then).

And because I believe this, I desire to be a living promise that spring is coming.  This means I must walk with Jesus 24/7 and share Him every chance I can.  I must prune away those things that hold me back from being ALL HIS.  Sometimes that pruning is painful, but I must trust that God’s ultimate desire is to have all of me for only Him. 

It may be winter, but believe me, God is still in the harvesting business.

I pray that your day today is filled with opportunities to bear much fruit!

Heading into the field,