Hi, blogger friends!!

I am so, so sorry I have left you hanging!

Olivia’s tests were all good! The doctor feels her rapid growth in heighth combined with the onset of womanhood have been behind her joint pain and feels good giving her a clean bill of health! We needed this news desperately!

Nick is doing well!

We have been out of town all weekend at a rally 9 hours from here for Nick! A church where one of our friend’s ministers had a motorcycle ride in for Nick where nearly 200 motorcycles showed up! It was amazing! I cried so much yesterday! I have so many pictures to share.

But of course the devil is determined to keep me from sharing God’s glory. Our Internet and phone service are down at home (I am in the college library where my husband is a professor)….our son’s car was broken into while we were gone (the driver’s window was totally smashed out) and we think someone actually got into our house! So, we are dealing with lots of drama in our home right now and my head is spinning in all directions.

But I wanted to send a quick note of hello and promise that when things slow down I will share more and I will visit your blogs again if you have them!

Love you all so much!
Thankful for every prayer!