You’re probably wondering what in the world Boston Baked Beans have to do with ANYTHING in my life right now.

Well, here’s the truth—–

I woke up this morning and had this anxious feeling that I couldn’t quite explain. Nick had had a really rough night. He didn’t sleep well and I didn’t either. Mom was here, so I decided to run a few errands. I stopped by our church to order new books for the ladies’ Sunday school class that I am in, and I did something I have never done before. I stopped in the prayer room at church and got on my knees to pray for Nick. As I knelt there on the floor, I had this uneasy feeling come over me as I realized that there were so many others who needed prayer………..and yet as I knelt there, very few names came into my mind. I felt ashamed. How could I ask over and over again for prayers for Nick and then not be able to remember others who needed prayer as well?

I decided that what I needed was a dry erase board for my frig! I would start writing down the names of those who needed prayer! I left the church and drove to Family Dollar. No luck. I then drove to Dollar General Store……still no dry erase boards, but guess what they did have? Boston Baked Beans! Before I knew it, I was in line buying myself a bag of these little treats….and a can of cashews too!

I headed for KMart popping candy in my mouth the entire way. Have you ever seen someone who is driving and eating at the same time? I mean eating like they have been on a hunger strike for weeks? That’s how I think I must have looked. It really disgusts me to even think about it, but that’s what I do when I feel edgey and out of sorts. I just eat without even thinking about it, and that is really sad.

Anyway, as I pulled into the KMart parking lot I saw a Grayson Parking Enforcement vehicle which made me think, “Do we have our city sticker yet?” I called Tim, and he didn’t think we even needed those anymore since they had changed the way they were doing taxes. But I just had this feeling that it was one of those days where I didn’t want to take my chances and I decided to go on home.

So, here I sit tonight. The same “dry erase board-less me” that I was this morning. The same
“aimless pray-er” that I was this morning. The only difference is that I am now totally stuffed with Boston Baked Beans.

I write this blog entry tonight as a way of holding myself accountable to two things:

First, I am buying my prayer board tomorrow, and I am beginning to pray with much more commitment to those I love and to all of you who ask for prayer.

Second, I am going to STOP eating when I am not even hungry! Especially when driving down the road!

I should have known when I walked down the candy aisle that I would not find a dry erase board there!

I should have know that taking time to pray at church this morning wasn’t really a “Tammy-time for Nick.” It was a “God-time for Tammy.” Isn’t that just how God works?

We think we are praying for what is on our heart when really God is using our prayer time to work on our heart.

I should have known that God had a plan all along! I am thankful that He did!

I will update you on Nick tomorrow! I have missed you all so much! God used Boston Baked Beans to wake me up to the needs of others! I am so thankful!