It’s 11:07, and I’m waiting for Todd to get home so I can head to bed.  We’re leaving at 7 a.m. for a day at King’s Island with the junior high kids from church.  (Tim and I are sponsors).  🙂

So, I sat down for a minute to check my email and found myself back in my pictures from India.

Oh, the faces.  The sweet faces.  The people who need hope and love.  The people who don’t want to be forgotten. I’ll never forget the orphanage dorm mom at the train station as we were leaving Damoh.  She hugged me and said, “Please don’t forget us.”

Yet here I sit in America having just packed a bag with swimsuits and beach towels for a day of fun tomorrow.. 

I can’t really put into words what I’m feeling.

I just want to know that we did SOMETHING to make their llives a little better.

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So I think of Nick’s foundation and our dream to help raise the funds to build part of the  orphanage that is so desperately needed.  And I pray that hearts will be stirred like mine is, because the task is too big for one family.   It is definitely a God-sized dream.  To have 2,000 people each give $30!!!

With that money, a kitchen, food storage area, and dining hall large enough to hold 100 kids at a time can be built!! 

$30 is the price of a ticket to King’s Island.  Surely I can give up one ticket to an amusement park to help build a permanent home for homeless children.

I know God can do this!!

If you want to help, please visit Nick’s foundation website for more information by clicking on this link below:

Nick’s Foundation Website

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An Albino India boy..found living on the streets with his sister and brothers.

God bless you as you consider this ministry outreach opportunity.

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