I spent some time last night talking to one of the models who works with the same agency as Olivia.

I could tell she needed encouragement.

I could tell she felt insecure.

Beautiful but doubting herself,

she was wrestling with so many different things about her future.

As I looked into her eyes,

I felt her sadness.

As she talked, I listened.

She needed a friend, and for that moment God called me.

Her words reminded me that life isn’t easy.

Her words reminded me that we all need someone to talk to as we make our way through life.

No matter who you are or what you’ve accomplished,

life can still be uncertain and very hard to navigate when you try to make it on your own.

I’ve spent many nights listening to Olivia pour out her own heart.

Her fears, her insecurities, and her struggles

are just like any other teenage girl  who is trying to find her way through a world that often proves to be anything but nice.

She gets hurt.

She feels discouraged.

She feels afraid.

Life is tough.

It’s tough no matter you’re age.

I’m thankful that along the way Olivia has had great friends.

Friends she can laugh with, cry with, pour out her heart to, and simply hang out with on sunny days and snowy ones.

This week, Todd and I took Olivia and one of her friend’s to the lake to take some pictures.

To me, these photos capture friendship at its best.

To me, these pictures represent my wish for every teenage girl.







A Friend.....Someone to Hold Onto No Matter the Weather








Whether you are 15 or 75,

whether you are female or male,

don’t try to walk this road of life alone.

Be a friend to someone near you today and very soon you will discover that your own journey has become richer, fuller, and deeper.