As I woke up this morning and began to prepare mentally and emotionally for speaking in just a few short hours, I decided to go ahead and do my normal Bible reading as well as another chapter in the book I am reading right now “The Air I Breathe.”

I was struck by a verse in the Old Testament. David, as He entered the Mount of Olives where people came to worship God, came upon a man (Hushai) who was mourning. He had torn his clothes and put dirt on his head. As David approached him, he said, “If you go with me, you will only be a burden.” He then went on to tell the man to return to Jerusalem.


It just struck me that while our King loves us and knows us…………………

He also knows when we need to be back home healing and when we are ready to “go with Him” in service.

So, today, as I venture “out” to go with God in service, my prayer is that I can leave my “torn clothes and dirt” at home. Today is not about me mourning………….

Today is about a risen Savior!

Today is about the power of the Cross and the hope of Heaven and the peace that only He can bring!

Thank you, Lord, for speaking even through a tiny verse in the middle of a not-so-significant story in the Old Testament. Definitely not a story we learn in Sunday school.

So, as I venture to blow-dry my hair, I am convinced that for some reason the devil did his very best to try and drag me back down into a pit of mourning this week…..

Now I know why!!

He knew that in doing this, I would become nothing more than a “burden” to God…..

And that being home would be the best place for me today.

So, I am claiming God’s power today. God’s promises.

Thank you for praying for me. I woke up regretting sharing my heart so openly through my blog and yet as I read the Bible I knew that God needed me to come clean………….so that He could work in spite of me.

Humbly His,