There’s something about the ocean that has always been therapeutic to me.

The consistency of the tide.

The endless view.

The constant breeze.

The power of the waves.

God is so much like the ocean.





No matter which coast you are on, you will see the sun rise and the sun set on the horizon of the sea as if it is leaving and then coming back.

It’s almost as if God is reminding us of His own Son’s seeming departure from and then rising out of the earth.

I love the ocean even though I respect it’s strength, knowing that in spite of its beauty it is capable of sweeping over anything in its presence.

I long to have the same kind of respectful love of God.

As Olivia and I walked from Santa Monica to Venice Beach, I longed to see one heart……..

a shell, curved seaweed, a rock, a cloud—any thing that said, “I love you,” in a simple but personal way.

And then it appeared.

I thought it was a rock.

I bent to pick it up.

But it was more of a foamy sea thing……a texture that felt breakable if moved from its solitary place in the sand.

So I left it there……..

for others to see and hopefully know they are loved too.

I am thankful for this one small heart.

The beauty of the ocean was enough…….

but this little heart was the extra gift God knew I needed that day.

God loves us all so much.

I’m praying you will feel His love today………and know there is a heart in the sand on the coast of California saying,

“I love you.”

And if the tide has swept it away,

I hope something like it shows up along your path one day.

Look for His love.

It’s everywhere.