While traveling this summer, we witnessed the most beautiful double rainbow that stretched from one side of the road to the other. We tried to take pictures from every angle, but never could truly capture the beauty that was hanging over us. We even saw a couple of cars pulled off on the side of the road, trying to get an even better photo.
Nick had fun shooting picture after picture of this message from God. Above is one photo he took.
Rainbows speak to people whether they are Christians or not. You just can’t see one and not think of God and His Promises. I wonder how Noah felt every time he saw a rainbow after surviving the flood and then enduring a heavy rain. He had to feel great relief that once again he wasn’t required to load up a huge boat with every kind of animal and then set sail for over a month with no land in sight.
I long for such a personal promise….some kind of sign that what my family is enduring now is only temporary.
And I long for a miracle for my sweet Nick.
We had such a good day yesterday….he even got in the pool for a little while. We played a board game and laughed and laughed, and then we built a campfire and Nick came out and sat in a lawn chair and was in such a good mood! It was just like the old days!
But when bedtime came and I watched Nick struggle to stand up and get his balance to walk upstairs to his room, I was flooded with the reality of his illness.
I wonder if Noah was ever flooded with reality after landing the ark and realizing that his family was “on their own” to start a new earth. I am sure they had friends whom they loved that were not worthy of the ark. I am sure they had fears of where to begin in their new venture. That rainbow had to make him smile everytime he saw it!
Last night, I cried myself to sleep. My heart aches beyond anything I have ever felt. Tonight we are driving back to Cincinnati. In the morning, Nick has a physical at 8:30, a petscan at 10:30, and then Lord willing, his first treatment in the afternoon.
Like Noah facing a new world, I am trying to face each day looking up. I have to believe that Noah looked up a lot. Looking for guidance, looking for signs, looking for God’s presence, looking for strength. God knew Noah would be looking up. I think that’s why He chose to give him the gift of the rainbow.
I am thankful that Noah’s gift continues to bless us today. God is a God of miracles.
I will not stop believing that God is still in the miracle business! Please pray for a miracle for Nick.
Looking Up and Expecting Great Things,