Sunday afternoon, I wasn’t expecting to answer my phone and hear a sweet little voice ask this question, “Do you want a kitten?”

My first thought was, “You’ve got to be kidding……..we just found homes for six little kitties just a few weeks ago!”

But as my friend’s grandson went on to tell me the story of this little kitty, my heart softened.

See, my friend was driving with her two grandsons in the car as they witnessed the passenger in the vehicle in front of them tossing something out his window.  At first, it appeared to be a black hat, but as they looked more closely they realized with horror that a tiny kitten had literally been tossed to the side of the street.

How could anyone do such a thing?

As I thought about the cruelty of this act, I remembered very quickly that Olivia’s life began in an extremely similar way.  She was dropped off of a bridge and abandoned at just two days old and was left laying with her head split open from front to back.  Thankfully, a policeman in the village found her and took her to a nearby hospital where she was taken care of until they could place her in an orphanage.

And thankfully, my friend stopped and rescued this sweet little kitten as it stumbled around on the side of the road.sleepover 0005_resize I don’t know if Olivia truly comprehends how her life began, but somehow I think she has a sense of just how blessed she is to be in a home where she is so loved.   And as she held this little kitten all evening, the bond was amazing.  

sleepover 0006_resize

Marbles (our cat) has a new little friend and we are calling him Miracle!

sleepover 0003_resize Thank you, sweet boys, for sharing this gift of love with us!

Oh, I love you both so much! 🙂