Olivia found a cute idea on Pinterest to take the place of a guest registry at a shower.

Every guest writes a little note on a stone and places it in a jar.

We couldn’t find stones, so we changed the idea a bit and used flat, glass beads instead.

The messages were short, but the memory jar still turned out sweet.

We added a candle for a little touch of light.

I think it will be sweet sitting on my soon-to-be nephew’s dresser as a memory of the love shared at his baby shower.

mauras shower and more 033

mauras shower and more 034

This is a couple of photos of my brother….almost 40 years ago!

mauras shower and more 035

mauras shower and more 040

My brother, Cy, writes his own little note of love to his coming son!

mauras shower and more 041

I can’t wait to see Cy as a daddy!! Smile

mauras shower and more 072

My dad (Papaw) wrote a note of love too!

mauras shower and more 092

mauras shower and more 093



mauras shower and more 097


In this day of technology and busy schedules, I’m thankful for ideas like this that cause the world to slow down and think about the power of just a couple words.

I’m thankful that just as in Bible times stones were a way of signifying a powerful moment,

we can use stones today to create a visual reminder of a very special event.

I wanted to share this in case you are planning a little event and would like to try something just a little different.

Have a happy Monday and a wonderful week!