Today several of Nick’s buddies and Olivia’s friends joined me at True Value Farmer’s Hardware to stain our first ten Nick Nooks.  These bookshelves along with a large set of children’s books will be given to doctor’s offices and hospitals to be used in their waiting rooms.

Nick loved to read!  It was one of his favorite things to do!  For him being curled up on the couch with a good book was right up there with playing a game of Madden football or throwing a football in the yard with Tim and his brothers and friends.

We wanted to do something through Nick’s foundation that would share Nick’s  love for reading with boys and girls who might need a little encouraging. 

So with the help of Tony Collier who designed our book case model and the Carter County Vocational School students who built our first ten shelves as well as Farmer’s Hardware who has been so gracious to allow us to do our work within their walls, we are happy to say that by next week we believe we will be delivering our first Nick Nooks to area waiting rooms!!!!

These book display cases will be donated as gifts from the foundation, so we are thankful for all who support this ministry so that these funds are available.

Several times today as I watched the boys and girls working so diligently, my heart would feel faint as I longed to see Nick right there with them working away!  He would have loved today!!!

But would you believe that as two of the boys and I were picking up donated books which had been labeled by our “Nick’s Nook Label Lady,” Topsy Keeran, I found a penny in the back of my van under a crock pot that I need to return to someone from school?!??!?!  I just couldn’t believe it!!!  I felt like Nick was saying, “I’m with you, Mom!  And I’m loving every minute!!”

Here’s some photos from our day!!

2009-06-030082 resized

2009-06-030097 resized

I had the kids give Melissa a group hug!  Thanks, Melissa, for sharing your store with us!  Melissa is on the board for Nick’s foundation, and I am so thankful for her spirit and her love and her enthusiasm! 

2009-06-030073 resized

Kaleb, Derek, Jon, and Andrew working away!   

2009-06-030078 resized

Cameron, Madison, and Olivia…having fun?!?!  🙂

2009-06-030077 resized

Trish works hard and smiles all the while!! Thanks, Trish!!

2009-06-030076 resized


Don’t kill me, Jenna..but this picture just had to make the photo journey!!! 

I love your spirit so much!2009-06-030074 resized Jon and Andrew busy, busy, busy!!

2009-06-030081 resized

Now this is teamwork!!!

2009-06-030084 resized

Colton needs some mommy-time!

2009-06-030093 resized

  Melissa, Kaleb, Me, and Derek…enjoying a little break2009-06-030091 resized 2009-06-030092 resized   Ryan, Evan, and Jon.Yum, Yum..Little Caesar’s 2009-06-030090 resized 2009-06-030089 resized  Lunch Break!!2009-06-030087 resized 2009-06-030086 resizedIs Jon getting ready to stain my face?!?!?  Hi Derek.I see you!!!

Trish, You are beautiful!!  2009-06-030083 resized   2009-06-030080 resized    

Colton watches a little “tv!”


2009-06-030095 resized

2009-06-030088 resized


2009-06-030094 resized

Thanks, guys!!!  You were amazing!!!!!!!!!!

I’ll share photos from our deliveries next week!


Thanks for all your prayers for Nick’s Foundation.  You can visit his foundation website at:

or read his life story at