Below is the subject line of an email I received tonight of all nights!

“Tammy, Been injured but haven’t received your settlement?”

The email went on to say that my “injury could be worth $$.”

How did this spam email account know what had happened to me this evening?

I’m wondering if there really was a hidden camera in our backyard!

See, Olivia is back at church camp (yes, she is gone for a whole other week!)  Because of this, I am on “Marble kitty duty!”  Tonight after putting on my jammies, I thought I’d go out on the back porch and hold Marble for a little bit while reading.  I went up the hill in our back yard (which happens to be totally saturated from a huge rain last night) to get Marble from the clubhouse.  When I got to her, she wasn’t so thrilled about me picking her up. I decided to take her water and food dishes back down the hill to refill them and then try again at holding her for a while.

As I ventured back down our hill in rubber boots.

Not a great idea when the ground underneath you is super-slick..phillip and falling down the hill 020

I was shocked when suddenly my feet went flying up and I came down as hard as I could imagine on my back.  I remember feeling my jaw kind-of pop and my wrist and elbow go underneath me, but more than that I remember thinking, “Was anyone looking?”  Because it was definitely one of those moments that could have won money in a funny video contest.

Unfortunately, I don’t think there is any point in trying to get any money our of this injury. 

I’ll just be taking some Tylenol and heading to bed!

Please pray for us this week.  The devil is trying to get to us emotionally and physically..I think he is worried about Nickapalooza being a success for God’s glory on Saturday.

(You know I love you all when I’m willing to share this was one of those moments when I knew that “pride goeth before a fall”…literally!”)

Please pray for Steve McNair’s family, too.  His poor wife and kids.  They need our prayers so badly.