When we do the best we can,
we never know what miracle is wrought in our life,

or in the life of another.

Helen Keller

If you woke up this morning determined to make the right choices and be the best person you could possibly be in spite of your life’s circumstances, you are on your way to making a difference in someone’s life that very well could effect them for eternity.

We pray for big, life-changing miracles that display the wonders of God, but I just wonder how many unseen miracles surround us every second of every day.
I believe that God is a God of constant miracles, so I’d say we only see a tiny fraction of His work with our human eyes.
I’ve struggled since losing Nick with the word “miracle,” because I wanted and believed that God could work a miracle through Nick and display His mighty power by healing him even after the doctors said there was nothing else they could do.

In our small town we have had several losses in the past few months after fervent prayer vigils were held and miracles were needed as others fought tough fights like Nick.

I wish I could see the world from God’s eyes.

I wish I could hear His definition of the word “miracle.”
So many times, for me, “miracle” has meant “God answering a prayer in exactly the way someone wants even if the odds are stacked against them.”
Yes…………………….miracles like that do happen.

But other miracles happen too.

Babies are born.

Lives are transformed.

Spiritual and physical battles are won.
With the passing of every minute of every single day, God is a God of miracles.


Even in death God is working.

Maybe even more than in life.

See, death in itself is a miracle, because it is only through dying that we are able to receive eternal life, a resurrected body, a transition from this world to a new and better world.

We can’t see this miracle.

Faith has to step in and create in us a heart full of Hope and Peace.
If you think about it, faith is a miracle (a gift from God)……….
allowing man to have the capability of believing in something they cannot see, touch, or experience firsthand.

Tonight is Bridgett’s visitation.

I am overwhelmed at the thought of walking through the line to hug Luther and the boys.

My heart aches.

But, oh, for Bridgett, my heart sings a new song.

She is in the Presence of our Lord and Savior!!!!

The Bible says that for Christians “to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord.”

This is the unseen miracle I cling to today and every day.

And because of this miracle, I pray that

you too can find Hope and Peace.

Trust Him today.
Believe Him today.

Claim your unseen miracle,