9/11 will forever be a date etched into our memories.

Most of us can all recall exactly where we were when the horrific scenes began playing on TV screens that morning.

Our country became a different kind of country that day.   More united.  And honestly, more aware of how quickly life can be turned upside down.


This year on 9/11, a movie is being released on DVD that I believe has the power to change people in a powerful way as well.


It’s not about terrorism.

It’s not about national security.


But it is about something that can our lives upside down.

And about something that threatens and sometimes takes innocent lives.






I had the opportunity to interview actor Jason Burkey on the phone about a month ago and talk to him about his role in this film.


Jason shared about how this film reminded him to think about the importance of every decision in life.

He challenged teens to remember that every choice they make greatly affects the next one in their life journey.

As a Christian who has a passion for acting, Jason uses his gift not only to fulfill his career dream but also to impact society in a positive way.

His energy and passion for the Lord came through the phone line like electricity on a metal wire.

I believe that if you met Jason on the street you would immediately know that he carries Jesus with him everywhere he goes.

I had the opportunity to preview this movie, “October Baby,” and after watching it, I cannot say enough about its powerful message.

You walk away from the movie feeling stronger and full of hope.

This is a movie about forgiving others and forgiving yourself.

When you watch it, be sure to watch the interviews at the end of the movie.

They make you go back and watch scenes again from a whole new perspective.

October Baby.

Available in stores on 9.11.

I highly recommend it!


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Next Tuesday is 9.11.

Think about making this year a year to remember by watching a movie that sends a powerful message of God’s love and redemption.