There’s something about my youngest child moving into the double digits that almost seems surreal. It’s definitely a moment in time when I realize that life is slipping by very quickly! Tonight I kept squeezing Olivia and saying, “This is my last night to have a little girl who is only 9!” I still remember when Erich (my oldest) turned 10. I felt like he was so old. Now he’s 20! Wow. Who’s old now?! I guess it’s me! 🙂

All of these thoughts remind me of the Scripture that says, “life is but vapor.”

If a vapor is all I am promised, I sure want to savor every moment of it. Soaking up our vapor……….that is God’s dream for all of us. I want to teach my kids to soak up their vapors too. Live fully each day. Be thankful. Cherish the little things.

So as I settle into bed tonight knowing that I will awaken with a 10-year old little girl in my house, I can’t help but smile and say “thank you, Lord” for another day of life. I want to make Olivia’s day tomorrow so special for her! I want her to know that life may be a vapor but it is also a gift! I want her to feel God’s “presence” as she opens her “presents!”