I really didn’t plan to cut through the parking lot Saturday night.

I was on one of those phone-talking walks where my mind was listening to a conversation while my feet wandered aimlessly from this place to that.

“She won’t tell me anything,” the mom was saying.

“I don’t know what else to do,” she continued talking.

I just kept listening.

Because I didn’t really have answers.

I knew the situation was way out of my league of training.

This wasn’t a time when any kind of teaching strategy was going to fix things.

No, I felt my inadequacies multiplying with each step I took.

And then I looked down.

Suddenly, I saw the only answer that seemed fitting at a time like this.

love instagramLove.

This mom needed love.

Her daughter needed love.

And that was one thing I could give freely.

So, I kept on walking and listening and praying that somehow things would settle down on the other side of the phone.

And finally, they did.

And for that night, it was enough to share my love because He shares His so freely.

And in His sharing He provides a way for all of us to be more than qualified in tough situations.

I am thankful for unexpected treasures in worn out parking lots.

I’m especially thankful that they show up exactly when we need them.

Not a minute too soon or too late.

Love is like that too.

Tonight, I’m praying that each of you finds an unexpected gift of love as you strive to live for Him who loves you most.