One tiny pumpkin is sitting in the middle of my kitchen table on top of our Quelf board game.

That’s as far as I’ve gotten in decorating for the fall season.

Yesterday, Olivia realized that I haven’t really embraced autumn yet, or I probably wouldn’t have even placed the pumpkin right where it is.

Pinterest would be so disappointed in me.

I started a Pinterest page.

Mostly to have a Bible page and an education page…

But you can’t really open Pinterest without seeing how many people out there are related to Martha Stewart.

Every time I look at a Pinterest page full of crafts, I realize that creativity with a hot glue gun just isn’t one of my gifts.

Last night, I tried choir practice for the third time; and I’m just not sure if singing is one of my gifts either.

Olivia confirmed this doubt was a reality when I got home. Sad smile

I have a choice to make when I find myself coming up short.

I can either focus on the talents I don’t have, or I can be thankful for the few I have.

I can look around or I can look up.

The devil loves to point out those places where we’re lacking.

Who knew the devil could use Pinterest or church choir to bring someone down???

Anyway, today I’m going to choose to be thankful even though popular websites, people I love, and situations I am in sometimes challenge that very feeling inside of me.

I am far from perfect, but there is an old song I love that keeps reminding me that “if God could only use perfect people, He could never use anyone at all.”

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Hoping you’ll find a way for God to use you today……..even if it doesn’t involve a glue gun or singing.

Love you all,