Do you ever turn around and realize that there are so many people hurting, sad, confused, and lonely, and find yourself feeling overwhelmed?

That’s how I feel today.

Overwhelmed with the trials of this life.

And even more overwhelmed with God’s ability to handle them all.

My week is packed from sun up til sun down with subbing, basketball games, college activities, youth group lessons, soccer games, and a retreat this weekend where I will be speaking three times.

Unfortunately, I feel a little stressed.  And at the same time, fully aware of God’s presence and desire to be just what I need Him to be.

So as I came here today thinking of myself, I was gently reminded when I saw these praying hands, that I have so many to be praying for other than myself…a family whose son has been given a few months to live, so many friends who are grieving, friends who are dealing with difficult marriage situations, friends who are facing the loss of jobs, friends whose children are making choices that go against God’s Word..

I come to you all on this Sunday afternoon in September asking you to take some time to lift up those you love to the Lord.

He alone has the power to be just what they need for today.

United with you through prayer,