I sit here tonight with tears running down my cheeks.

I was on the phone with a friend who is having some struggles in her family, and I stepped into our living room to find my husband with several of the students from the college.  One of them was crying, and I immediately heard Tim say, “His dad just died.”  I got off the phone with my friend quickly and joined Tim and the guys.

We all sat in the living room for a while and listened to this precious college student share his last memories of his dad from this past weekend.  He smiled some.  He cried some.

After praying together, the guys and Tim decided to get in the car and drive to his house about a half hour away so he could see his mom. 

Until this moment, I’ve been caught up in “life” today.

Subbing, then taking care of Olivia and Todd’s after-school stuff, and working on some house projects………

Tonight, I have been jolted back into the reality that life is vapor.

Please pray for this family as they face such an unexpected loss of someone so dear to all of them.

Lord, Help us all to remember that tomorrow is not guaranteed.  Help us choose You today.  In Your Son’s Name, Amen