I just found myself scrambling between cleaning out the frig, straightening the pantry, starting a load of laundry, cleaning up lunch dishes, encouraging Olivia to straighten her room, and preparing to clean the bathrooms, when I realized, “I need to make a list of everything else I need to do today!” YIKES! Running to WalMart, emailing information about Nick’s foundation to the board memebers as well as to the principal at his school, and the list goes on and on and on…….

The snow has arrived! There is no school today! And a snow storm is heading our way TONIGHT! So, my parents are coming tonight instead of tomorrow to visit us and go to a show in Ashland that was part of our Christmas gift to them….in order to avoid driving in the storm!

Suddenly, my list of things “to do” became a little more urgent (and I am thankful!) because my time frame shrank from 24 hours to less than 12!

All the things I planned to do tonight, I want to get done TODAY!

As I was scurrying around feeling a little short on time, I had this nudge from the Spirit that said, “So, what do you still need to do for Me?”

See, in the busyness of what I already knew I had to do today, I had awoken this morning and begun the day by fixing pancakes instead of praying, by sending emails instead of reading God’s Word….


This nudge from the Spirit became so strong that I left everything undone that I have started and came straight to my chair………

Because my “to do” list should have started HERE…..

And my daily tasks need to be focused on my heart not my house.

This is a moment when I understand why Jesus scolded Martha. It wasn’t because she was cooking or serving or cleaning….

It was because she didn’t remember where to start.

At the feet of Jesus.

So, I’m vowing today to start every future “to do” list with JESUS! And I am praying that I am ready for His return….because when He comes there will be no “12-hour notice!” There will be a trumpet blast and then we shall see Him triumphantly appearing in the sky on His white horse surrounded by thousands of angels….

And every knee shall bow.

No more time to get ready. No more time to do “one more thing.”
Desiring to be ready for that day and thankful for a nudge from the Spirit to set me on my way,