This coming Wednesday, Tim and I will be pulling out of Grayson and heading to Rhode Island where I will be speaking at a women’s event that is being held at Northpointe Christian Church…….

This will be our first “real” road trip with no children since our honeymoon..25 years ago…

Mom is coming to spend some much-needed “mamaw-time” with the kids, and I know they will have so much more fun than they would ever have barreling down the interstate in a car for 13 hours……

But it’s still hard to leave them…..

Even when I know they won’t miss us that much at all.

There’s just something about teenagers and their parents being gone that seems to be a good thing from their perspective.

Please whisper a prayer if you think of us.

A prayer for safety as we travel.

A prayer that the trip will be a wonderful memory in our marriage journey.  (We are hoping to see the Liberty Bell along the way and take the ferry around the Statue of Liberty……..I’ve never experienced either one!  I will take lots of pictures!)

A prayer that our kids will be safe while we are away.

And especially a prayer that the words God gives me to share at the conference will be words He will use to transform lives, revive hearts, and ignite deep, passionate purpose and love in the lives of women I have never even met!

Only God can do all of that!!

Thank you so much.

Oh, on a totally different note, click HERE if you would like to enter the drawing for a solar-powered praise flower!  The drawing is today at 3:30 p.m.!